Choose Your Whale

Select one of the following whales to adopt.


"Jackson" (BCZukKeta2016#1)

Jackson is a juvenile whale, and is one of the newest humpbacks on the Salish Sea scene! Your adoption helps Jackson and other humpback whales by supporting Keta's research.

Big Momma.jpg

"Big Momma" (BCY0324)

Big Momma has already brought several calves into the Salish Sea! By adopting Big Momma you'll be funding research that supports a safe and healthy ecosystem for Big Momma, her calves, and future generations of humpback whales.

Split Fluke.jpg

"Yogi" (BCY0409)

Yogi has been spotted all over the world, spending winters in Hawaii and summers in the Salish Sea and beyond. Adopting Yogi will support research that looks at how the Salish Sea humpbacks are using our urban waters during their seasonal visits.


"Split Fluke" (BCX1068)

While most humpbacks are solitary during their time in the Salish Sea, Split Fluke is often spotted with other humpback whales, and we're still unsure why or how these relationships are formed. Your adoption helps fund research that hopes to provide insight into why and how these bonds form.