Nike in front of the University of BC. (photo by Michael Campbell)

Why Adopt a Humpback Whale?

Keta Coastal Conservation's adoption project is a great way to get involved with our local Humpback Whale population: learn more about our local whales and contribute to research and conservation of wild Humpback Whales in the Vancouver area.
We have an adoption package for everyone, from individuals to school groups.
Humpback whale sightings have increased dramatically in the Vancouver area in the past ten years. These 'Urban Whales' are sharing our busy waterways, facing threats from entanglement in marine debris, ship strikes and pollution. Potential expansion of ports, oil and gas tanker traffic and the creation of LNG terminals all have the potential to affect this growing population as it re-colonizes the area.
As these animals are new to this area very little is known about population size, diet and habitat use. Adopting a whale is a fun, easy way to contribute to our research and learn about the population with us.