Big Mama brings home another baby!

May 2016

One of the Salish Sea's best known summer resident humpback whales has had another calf!

Big Mama (aka BCY0324) has been seen in the waters between Vancouver and Victoria for the last 13 years. At least six of those years , she's returned with new calves. Typically, female humpback whales calve once every three years. But Big Mama is having none of that! She's definitely doing her part, introducing another new individual to the North Pacific humpback whale population just two years ago. 

Female humpback whales become capable of reproducing at approximately six to ten years of age. In the North Pacific, calves are born in the warmer waters surrounding Hawaii or the west coast of Mexico. They stay very close to mom's side for five to seven months as they pack on the pounds, consuming about 100 pounds of mothers milk per day! After only just a year or so, the new calf will be on its own. By that time, the pair will have migrated north to the summer feeding ground between Alaska and BC. 

Best of luck to the newest member of our core community!