who is keta coastal conservation?

In a nut shell, we are a collection of passionate marine specialists seeking to better understand and conserve the Salish Sea. Collectively, the three co-founders have over 30 years of experience working with marine mammals and marine conservation. Together with our members and citizen scientists, we are working to conserve marine wildlife and the diverse habitats of the Salish Sea ...


Andrea Powell Hardaker: Co-Founder, Board of Directors

Andrea has been working in Salish Sea whale-watching industry for many years. She has a Masters degree in marine science from the University of Aberdeen, where she completed her thesis on the foraging behaviour in bottlenose dolphins using passive acoustic monitoring and ecological modelling. In the past, she has worked doing humpback whale identification and behavioral research at the Whale Centre of New England and the Alaska Whale Foundation. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at scientific conferences.

Jasmine Mason: CO-FOUNDER, Board of Directors

Jasmine is an environmental consultant working to improve the environmental and social aspects of international development, as well as a keen wildlife photographer. She has undertaken both marine, freshwater and terrestrial field work. Jasmine has worked in the Salish Sea whale-watching industry for 12 years, helping people better understand the marine environment around them. Jasmine has a Masters Degree in Environmental Education from Simon Fraser University.

Jilann Lechner: CO-FOUNDER, Board of Directors

Jilann has an interdisciplinary background with a degree in biology and fine arts from Simon Fraser Univeristy. She has worked in the Salish Sea whale-watching industry for many years. Jilann has worked on Humpback Whale research projects with the Alaska Whale Foundation and Cetacealab. As well, she has worked on research projects on the effect of fish farming on wild salmon populations.


Ashley has been working in the Salish Sea whale-watching industry for many years, she is committed to educating the public about the marine environment. Ashley is a keen wildlife photographer and sells her photographs of the Salish Sea all around the world. Ashley holds her small vessel operator's certification and is currently completing her degree in biology.  

Natalie reichenbacher: board of directors

Natalie studied marine biology and political science at the University of British Columbia which led her to focus on a career in marine conservation. She has been working in the Salish Sea whale-watching industry for 7 years and has contributed to several international marine conservation organizations including shark surveys in South Africa and manatee abundance surveys in Belize. Natalie has worked in public education with fish and bird species in the UK, humpback whales in Hawaii, and intertidal biology at the Vancouver Aquarium.

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